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In the kick-off meeting, we begin the process by asking questions to get a solid understanding of your brand and vision for the project. 

Using our research / understanding as our foundation, we create a unique narrative that will serve as the glue for the entire project.

This process is subject to be flexible in terms of collaboration. We are prepared to envision the entire project for you, or collaborate with marketing teams, and business owners.

Step 1
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We take our creative brief and create a logistical game plan to execute the vision.

We outline the necessary equipment, staff / crew, shooting days, editing days, create a schedule, and get moving.

Communication is key. We utilize groundbreaking software to easily share plans, schedules, and tasks with you and our entire team.

Once the game plan and resources have been arranged, we proceed to scout locations and prepare rehearsals to make any final adjustments.

Step 2

Pro Production

Lights, camera, action!

Time to capture all the puzzle pieces we need to put together the content we outlined in our creative brief.

Whether we’re filming actors, executives, customers, or products and whether we’re in our clients’ office, their customers’ office, on a beach, or in a studio, we provide all of the crew and equipment necessary for a successful shoot.

Step 3

Post Production

After getting all the shots we need, it's time to cut them up and bring it all together.

When everything comes together it's magical. In the end, we'll have an amazing film, iconic photography, and timeless advertisements that're ready to hit the market.

We present our final products and confirm they're ready for publishing with your approval.

Image by Peter Stumpf
Step 4


We then sit down with you and help you game plan on how to get the most out of your investment.

We lay out specific strategies for marketing and action items to make sure this content is seen and accomplishes the goals we outlined in our initial meeting.

We’ll render final files that are optimized for your specific needs, whether it’s YouTube, Instagram, a video wall for your SKO, or a billboard in Times Square.

Step 5
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